Licence & Registration

If you require a Licence & Registration for your business, we can help you get that.

Every business needs to get itself enrolled for professional tax the renewal of which is required to be done annually.


Starting from ₹ 1,000/-
Timeline: 2-3 working days
Documents required:
  • 1Business Address
  • 2Business name
  • 3Category of Business
  • 4Govt. Fees will be mentioned in the portal
  • 5PAN Card of the authorized signatory
  • 6PAN Card of the entity
  • 7Phone No. And Email Id of the applicant

Trade Licence

Starting from ₹ 3,000/-
Timeline: 3-10 working days depending on issuing authority
Documents required:
  • 1Contact details – Mobile number and Email id of the Director

Food Licence

Starting from ₹ 2,000/-
Timeline: 3-15 working days depending on type of license

Shop & Establishment Licence

Starting from ₹ 3,000/-
Timeline: Minimum 2-3 working days
Documents required:
  • 1Aadhar Card of the applicant
  • 2Appointment Letter which should include Date of Joining, Age, Salary Details and Weekly Holiday Details
  • 3Certificate of Incorporation and Deed of Partnership, in case of LLP
  • 4Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, MOA and AOA from Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, in case of Limited/Private Limited Company
  • 5Copy of registered/notarial partnership deed, in case of Partnership Concern
  • 6Copy of Voter Id/Bank Pass Book/Aadhar Card as proof of residential address of shop-keeper/employer, in case of proprietorship concern
  • 7PAN and Aadhar of Director/Designated Partners/Partners
  • 8Phone No. And Email Id of Director/Designated Partners/Partners
  • 9Property Tax Bill in case of ownership and notarial rent agreement along with NOC and Property Tax Bill in case of rented premises